cynthia-bridgeCynthia Clarke

Home Center Teacher

Cynthia brings her passion for child-centered education to Bridge School. She graduated from The University of Vermont with a BA in studio art and a minor in theater. She worked in publishing in New York and Boston before returning to graduate school to pursue her dream of teaching elementary school, and received her M. Ed from Lesley College, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cynthia is dedicated to personalized learning for all students. She considers herself a teacher-researcher and continually strives to advance her understanding of how students learn.

Cynthia was certified to teach elementary grades in Massachusetts before returning to Vermont with her family. She has taught in a variety of educational settings: in public and independent schools in Massachusetts, and in public and alternative school settings here in Vermont. Cynthia holds a current Vermont Educator’s License.

Recess is one of Cynthia s favorite times of day at Bridge School. She believes that recess is one of the most valuable learning experiences of childhood. Cynthia enjoys teaching all academic content areas at Bridge School and appreciates students’ freedom to choose their Arts and Explorations classes. She welcomes the challenge of pitching a class that students will actually choose. Cynthia works to design courses that will provide students with the content they need while keeping their enthusiasm for the activities high.