Noah Hoffman

Home Center Teacher

Noah came to the Bridge School with a passion for creatively teaching many subjects, and he particularly enjoys life science, writing, and upper-elementary math. He also has a keen interest in the unique ways that individual children develop and grow. Noah sees education as a kind of “building” process, where every child creates knowledge based on their unique perspective; he welcomes these differences, and feels that they enrich everybody’s learning experience.noah

Noah grew up hiking, canoeing, and fly-fishing the Adirondack Mountains of New York. The quality of place has always been important to Noah, and he has spent significant time in the southern Appalachian Mountains, the American southwest, and Scandinavia, where he travelled after earning a BA from Warren Wilson College, in Asheville, North Carolina. An impactful experience for Noah was his work at a Social-Therapeutic Community, serving developmentally challenged individuals, in coastal Norway. He discovered that he loved learning from other people’s differences, and working through communication challenges in order to advance his own and others’ understanding.

After moving to Vermont, Noah worked as a Mentor and Program Leader at a Therapeutic Community Residence for individuals with mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges, before enrolling in Vermont’s Teacher Apprenticeship Program. He has a current Vermont Educators License, and has taught at the middle school and upper elementary levels in several Vermont public schools before coming to the Bridge School. He likes to get kids excited and involved with learning through movement, play, and meaningful hands-on projects. Noah adores his wife and three children, and when he isn’t teaching, he is usually spending time with his family.