Our Mission & Objectives

Our Mission:

Bridge School nurtures children’s development as inquisitive scholars and kindhearted community members. Through collaborative, project-based, community-engaged learning, Bridge School cultivates children’s natural curiosity, and joyful creativity. We value holistic learning, thereby fostering a 21st century learner’s essential skills, knowledge and habits of mind.

We trust that children are:

  • intrinsically motivated to learn
  • naturally inquisitive
  • kind and well-meaning

We respect children’s

  • ideas and theories
  • decision-making and choices
  • personal passions and unique interests

We believe in the power of:

  • collaborative learning experiences
  • mixed-age communities
  • whole-child education


Since our founding, four core objectives have guided our teaching and learning:

  • Community – Involve all members of the community in learning, teaching, and the celebration of our collective work.
  • Exploration – Encourage students to explore their world with confidence, respect, and passion.
  • Creativity – Nurture students’ abilities to express, create, perform, and connect.
  • Leadership – Foster leadership skills, and intentionally provide opportunities for students to become effective communicators and collaborators.

Read more about our Philosophy (click here).

Older home center students counting money in Math