2024-2025 Policies, Procedures, and Forms


Bridge Elementary 2024-2025 Calendar- Updated 6/27/24

Policies and Procedures:

  1. Bridge Elementary Family & Student Handbook 2023-2024
  2. Bridge School Media Policy 2024-2025
  3. Policy on the Prevention of HHB 2023-2024
  4. Procedures for the Prevention of HHB 2023-2024

Dear Families,

There are 6 forms that we need completed every year for each student:

  1. Family & Student Handbook (All families sign and return the second to last page. The last page is a waiver if you choose to engage in contracting an employee outside of Bridge.)
  2.  Health and Emergency Form 2024-2025
  3. Permissions 2024-2025
  4. Bridge Bananas 2024-2025
    ALL families must fill out the Bananas Permission Form in the event that you are late for pick-up (after 3:00pm) and, therefore, your child attends Bananas.
  5. Vermont Home Language Survey – First page only.
  6. Immunizations Record –
    We need an official immunization record on file for each student. Please mail a current copy of your child’s immunization record or have your pediatrician send the immunization record to school.

In order to ensure a safe and smooth start to the school year, we need them returned to school by August 28, 2023.

Please either print and mail these forms to school , or email them to Yhordanna (office@bridgeschoolvermont.org) before Monday, August 28, 2023. If it is a problem for you to print the forms, we can send them to you. Feel free to email Yhordanna with any questions.

All forms are in Adobe PDF format. If you need a copy of Adobe Reader, click here to download Adobe Reader.