Emotional & Social Learning

At Bridge School, we believe in holistic education. We believe that emotional learning, and social learning are essential components of an elementary education in the 21st century.

We use intentional curriculum to teach students emotional intelligence and social skills. They then practice these skills through exploring and playing in our mixed-age classes with a wide range of students. Our small class sizes allow teachers to observe students interactions, and provide guidance and feedback organically. For example, we actively teach topics such as consent, honesty, and responsibility.

Bridge School is also proud to be in the process of becoming S.E.E.D (Schools Excelling in Emotional Development certified though Seed and Sew LLC. For more information: https://www.seedandsew.org/seedcertificationteachers

We teach mindfulness and Restorative Practices throughout the school day. Twice a week, we start our day with a guided mindfulness practice. Students practice specific breathing and mindfulness strategies daily. We use Restorative Practices to build our community, and to mediate conflicts when they arise

Our holistic approach to education emphasizes building relationships and personal integrity.