Since our founding in 1980, Bridge School has been a teacher run school. Amanda, Jen and Nikki are Co-Directors, and collaboratively share all of the leadership responsibilities of running the school.

Home Center Teachers

Bridge School's lead teachers are called Home Center Teachers. Amanda, Jen and Nikki are also the Home Center Teachers. Home Center Teachers teach the core subjects, and have a multi-grade community advisory group called a “Home Center”. Unlike a traditional school, the Home Center does not define which language arts, math, science, and enrichment classes a student is in--these groups are based on student readiness in these topics. 

There is one younger Home Center (grades K-2) and one older Home Centers (grades 3-6). The Home Center teacher is their primary mentor for social-emotional growth. Home Center Teachers develop deep and lasting bonds with children and their families because children remain in a Home Center for multiple years. 


Diane Hare (click for bio) teaches Language Arts and Math. Diane is also our Reading Specialist, and provides one-on-one and small group reading instruction. 

Emily Bissonnette (click for bio) is the School Office Administrator.

Angus Barstow (click for bio), class of 2003, is the Afterschool Program Teacher. Alongside Steph, Angus creates creative and fun afterschool enrichment activities. 

Dave Majzler is our Summer Camp Director.

"Beginners" Preschool Teachers

Jenne Morton(click for bio) is our Beginners' Director and Lead Teacher

Julie Ferguson(click for bio) is a Beginners' Teacher

Cristi Franklin (click for bio) is a Beginners' Teacher


Bridge School has an active and committed group of parent volunteers, who teach Explorations and Arts courses, work with classes on a daily or weekly basis and also substitute for teachers.

We benefit so greatly from our volunteers' generous offers of knowledge and time and treasure this role at Bridge School. Our community is rich with committed Volunteers with talent and an interest in sharing.

Volunteer positions are vital to the diversity and expertise we value at Bridge School.


The Board is responsible for fund raising, maintenance of buildings and grounds, publicity and support of the school's mission. The Board, in concert with the Staff, does long-range planning for the future of the School. The Board and the Staff create the annual School budget. The Board accepts suggestions, requests and issues raised by parents and community members. The Board of Directors is made up of 8-11 members drawn from the staff, parents and community.

Current Board members are:

Chair, Andrea Murray (click for bio)

Vice Chair, Pam Marsh (click for bio)

Secretary, Anja Wurm (click for bio)

Treasurer, Noah Graham (click for bio)

Gretchen Ayer (click for bio)

Diane Munroe (click for bio)

The Board meets the second Tuesday of each month. Decisions of the Board are reached by consensus. New members are invited by the sitting Board. Bridge School is 501c(3) non-profit organization.