Beginners Preschool

Welcome to Bridge School Beginners!
Addison County’s only preschool program attached to an independent elementary school!

Bridge School Beginners is a high-quality, full-day, year-round preschool program for three to five year old children. Our program runs from 8am-5:30pm, twelve months of the year.

If you are interested in Bridge’s preschool, please contact our Beginners Director, Jenne:


Bridge School’s preschool is child-centered and play-based, and follows social constructivist educational theory. Students have access to our school facilities, such as our gym, climbing wall, and large, outdoor play space. Preschoolers also have regular, meaningful interaction with Bridge elementary school students, and benefit from our school programming such as plays, musical performances, special events and traditions.

Daily Schedule

8:00-9:00am Arrival and Morning Responsibilities 

  • Children arrive, put their things away and choose from a variety of places to play. This may also include outdoor play. Between 8:40-9:00am, elementary students may choose to be in the room, playing with the Beginners.

9:40-10:00am Morning Transition

  • Clean up and get ready for snack.

10:00-10:25 Snack and Morning Meeting

  • Have snack and come together for Morning Meeting. Morning Meeting is a time to come together as a community, an start our day intentionally together. Activities include singing, games, books and more.

10:25-12:15 Explorations

  • Explorations is a time of small group investigations. Our curriculum philosophy is emergent, so topics are based on children’s interests. During one week, the classroom may be transformed into a model of the universe as students learn about the planets. Another week, the classroom may become a model of forest ecosystem.

12:15-12:45 Lunch

12:45-1:00 Rest and Buddy Reading

  • Children may choose to either read with elementary students or stay in the Beginners Home Center and rest while a teacher reads aloud.

1:00-1:30 Beginners Rest Time

  • All Beginners rest in the classroom.

1:30-2:40 Afternoon Choice

  • Afternoon choices are set out by teachers and rolling snack is offered starting at 2:15pm. Choices may be a practical life activity such as practicing pouring, a literacy or math center, or a hands on activity such as clay or painting.

2:40-3:00 Afternoon Responsibilities

  • Clean up room and gather things to go home.

3:00 Dismissal

  • Children get picked up or after school care begins.

After School Schedule


  • Children choose from small group activities and have outside playtime.


  • Children help with the end of the day cleaning. This practice shows children the responsibility and ownership of being part of a community and using a communal space.


Jenne Morton, Beginners’ Director & Teacher

Jenne comes to Bridge School with a wealth of experiences in working with children and families. Jenne began her career by running a home child care program. After this, Jenne worked for the Parent/Child Center, where she held a variety of positions, including teacher, parent educator, Success By Six coordinator, Addison County Child Care Trainer, and Resource and Referral Specialist. These experiences gave her the needed skills to transition to Director of the College Street Children’s Program, a position she held for ten years.

Her goals for teaching are to ensure that every child is supported in their natural inquisitiveness about the world, that they feel loved in every setting, and that they are given the skills to be a caring member of a community.

Jenne lives in Monkton with her husband, a dog, cat, eight chickens, and two geese. She also loves spending time with her two children and three grandchildren, dancing, reading and being in the woods. A Master Gardener, Jenne also spends many hours in her gardens, growing vegetables, flowers and herbs, and watching the hummingbirds.

Jenne received her undergraduate degree in education from Johnson Sate, and her Masters in Education from the University of Vermont.

Julie Ferguson, Beginners Teacher

Weekly Options & Tuition

We offer both a three and five-day program, and an aftercare until 5:30pm, everyday. The program runs all-year, with short breaks and in-services throughout the year. The preschool (instruction) program itself will follow the Bridge School and ACSU calendar with care provided for children during vacations and most in-service days. Our goal is to provide a high-quality, fun experience for families that spans 50 weeks per year.

5-Day Program 8:00am-3:00pm $180 per week
3-Day Program 8:00am-3:00pm $125 per week
Aftercare Program 3:00-5:30pm (everyday) $18 a day


If you are interested in enrolling your child as a “Beginner,” either imminently or in the future, please complete the application form, and return it with the $25 non-refundable application fee.

Click here to download the Beginners Application Form

We are committed to providing educational opportunities that meet the needs of our local families. If you are interested in Bridge’s preschool, please contact