2019-2020 Thematic Learning

Ecological and Sustainability Leadership


The Bridge School teachers chose the theme of “Ecological and Sustainability Leadership” as the theme for 2019-2020, in honor of the launch of our Ecology and Outdoor Leadership Program.

From graphing our energy consumption in math class, to reading novels about sustainability and the natural world in Language Arts class, this theme was part of the whole curriculum. 

Above, students sit under a red oak tree and read the novel Wishing Tree, a novel written from the perspective of a red oak! Students learned to identify oaks in our forests, and learned about their ecology. 

Where are We?

Students started the year with an exploration of astronomy in order to locate ourselves in the context of the universe. Students of all ages completed research projects about planets, and crafted models of their planets from either paper mache or clay. 

Simultaneously, we studied maps and navigation during our weekly outdoor fieldtrips.

How Did We Get Here?

In the middle third of the year, students studied geologic history. 

Where are We Going?

Our year will end with a deep-dive into sustainability. Working with the Vermont Energy Education Project, students will develop and complete action-oriented sustainability projects.