Stephanie Hyatt

Stephanie graduated from the University of Vermont in 1982 with a BS in Animal Science and a minor in Coaching.  She has spent the last 14 years at Mason Middle School in Ohio as the Athletic Director and Student Activities Coordinator.  Prior to that, she was an assistant tennis coach at Clemson University in South Carolina. Over the years she has coached numerous sports, led 4-H horse clubs, directed a program for at-risk youth at the South Carolina Botanical Garden, taught high school horticulture, agriculture and biology…and more!  She is excited to join the Bridge School staff and share her passion for children and education.

When not working, Stephanie can usually be found doing something outdoors.  As a child her family joined an Audubon Society which sparked her interest in all things offered by Mother Nature.  She is an avid cyclist, bird watcher and gardener. The perfect day would include outside activities with family, food and exercise!

Stephanie and her husband Dave are excited to be in Vermont near Steph’s family.  They live in Monkton with their dog and two kittens. Two grown children will be visiting often. Tanner lives in Atlanta and Colby and her husband live in Denver.