Distance Learning

As we navigate the current COVID-19 pandemic in Vermont together as a community, Bridge School’s commitment to our students and families is stronger than ever.  This whirlwind of changes has proven to us what we have known all along:  our students are resilient, curious, and caring and our teachers are dedicated, creative, and compassionate.  We have jumped right into a distance learning model using a mixture of packets and manipulatives, Google Classroom, Google Meet, youtube and other virtual resources. Students have been checking in with teachers daily and we meet regularly as a school on Google Meet. We continue to connect, play games, share our learning goals and have even been having Spirit Days! Our students are also baking more, spending more time outside (safely), puzzling, connecting with family, resting, and helping their community. Even our parents are expressing themselves creatively! Over the next few weeks we will continue to highlight our families at home and the wonderful work of our teachers. Stay tuned. Be safe, and be well.

Bridge School’s new classmates and coworkers!