A letter from Jen, Director of Bridge School

Dear Bridge families,

I’m sitting at my desk, in an all too quiet building, reflecting on this past year and planning diligently for the fall.  I’m met with sadness and joy, grief and hope, and pride and gratitude.  This year was remarkable in so many ways.  We know that crisis brings communities together and I have never felt more grateful for the love, support, and understanding of our Bridge Community.  You opened your homes and your hearts to us as we transitioned to remote learning and we are so incredibly impressed with the resiliency of our kiddos, the support from families regarding learning from home, and the ability to share meaningfully and to continue connecting with each other when we have to be physically distanced.  We can’t thank you enough.

Our teachers have been meeting this week to wrap up the year, discuss successes and challenges, and to begin planning for next year.  We have been inspired by our continued connection this Spring and have used it to drive our discussion for our theme for next year.  In this time of unrest within our own community and across the country and world, we have decided that our theme for next year would be Community and Connections. We seek to use this challenging time to dive deeply into the constructs of communities, how they are connected, how they change over time and our own roles within them.  Stay tuned for more to come!

We will keep families updated as necessary throughout the summer as we continue to plan based on guidelines from the Agency of Education and the VT Health Department.  Updates to our Policies, Procedures and the Student and Family Handbook will be made in August and will be sent to families. They will reflect any changes needed to ensure maximum safety of our students, faculty, families and greater community. We are optimistic that with limiting our enrollment capacity and utilizing our outdoor spaces and vast indoor spaces, we will be able to provide a safe learning space for our kiddos at Bridge.

This summer, I hope you find time for rest, joy, creativity, adventure, and peace.  May you all stay healthy, safe, and well.

As always, please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

With warmth, love, and gratitude,

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