“We’re Different, We’re the Same, We’re All Beautiful”

We are over the moon for our new mural, painted generously by Chris Murray, parent of Jackson ’19 and Andrea, our current board chair!

Chris explains the mural:

“Growing up I had the privilege of living all over the world, in many different environments, with many different types of people; and I have learned that both inside and out our basic human needs and interests are common. Regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, and environment, we all need food and water; we all need to be useful and productive, and we all need to be loved. It is the beauty of our shared purpose that I tried to convey with this art. The idea for the image was originally conceived for an article I illustrated several years ago (for Harvard Business Review) on the importance of diversity in the work place.

Today it seems we need to be reminded of the things that unite us. We need to celebrate our differences. Hopefully the message is a teaching opportunity for the Bridge community and everyone else who ventures by.”

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