What Exactly is Chunka Chunka?

No doubt, the question we get asked most about our daily schedule is: What is Chunka Chunka? My answer is: Chunka Chunka is perhaps the most important part of the school day at Bridge School. Yes, you heard me! The MOST important time of day.

Practically, speaking, Chunka Chunka is the 15-20 minutes in between when Morning Meeting ends, and Language Arts class begins. Each day, the three Home Center teachers choose three options, and students sign up for one of the three. Options frequently include: drawing, puzzles, basketball, knitting, board games, quiet reading, or outside time.

This time of day may seem simple, and insignificant. You might even ask: are we wasting precious time at school by having students not jump right into classes?


We believe Chunka Chunka is in itself precious, and perhaps even sacred. First thing, every morning, students get to ask themselves: How do I want to start my day at school? Students start their day with making a choice. They feel agency and empowerment by getting to ease into the morning on their own terms.

Positive psychology and mindfulness research teaches us that when we start our day by getting into alignment with ourselves, and choosing fun and joy, that attitude sets the tone for our entire day.

When our students start their day with agency and choice, they choose to start their day with a feeling of joy. This feeling sets us up for days full of students making meaningful choices in their learning, and being primed for fun along the way.

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